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Nicole Kantor Design Studio offers creative & professional graphic solutions, from a simple ad to a complete corporate identity package.


Contact in English, Hebrew or German.



>   Logo & Branding Design

​>   Business Cards

​>   Letterheads & Envelopes

​>   Brochures & Folders

>   Music Album Booklet & Layout 

​>   Product Packaging

​>   Print and Web Advertisement 

>   Book Covers
>   Magazine L

​>   Illustrations

​>   Web Design

​>   Event Invitations
>   Photo Album Layout 

>   Photo Retouch

     (Renewing Old / Damaged Photographs)

​>   Events Invitations & Posters 

>   Professional Print Production 

​>   Custom Requests



80% read headlines 

Social media marketing allows you to post content freely and gain exposure that is hard to reach with an independent website.  





Only 20% will continue reading.
Content Marketing Writing uses clear messages and is crucial to make first contact with potential customers.

Social Media & Marketing Services:
>   Business Facebook Page Design
​>   Social Media Management
>   Content Marketing Writing


All Designs and Artworks is Copyright © by Nicole Kantor and/or her clients, and may not be copied, distributed, modified, or otherwise used without expressed written permission. All rights reserved.

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