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Music Album Booklet Layout

In most cases, for a good balance between the graphic artworks and the text, a 12 page booklet is recommended.

With this option there is (usually) enough space to be creative with the layout, so the text will not be dense and the font size will not have to be too small.


For a full 12 page booklet layout based on the cover artwork, the price is 520 Euro and it includes:

> 12 Page Booklet Layout Design

> Tray Cards Design

> CD Label Design

> Typography Design for the text (lyrics, thanks list, credits etc.)

> Professional Print Pre-Production according to color profile and specifications from your printing company


Budget option: A simple 12 page booklet

The backgrounds in this design option are usually one / two colors with textures and the CD label is the cover artwork and logo. 

For this option the price is 460 Euro.


For an 8 Page booklet subtract 70 Euro from each price quote (full artwork / simple).

For a 16 Page booklet add 70 Euro from each price quote (full artwork / simple).​


For a vinyl layout design please write me the full details and I will send you a price quote accordingly.


If you have a lot of text (lyrics, thanks list, credits etc.) I will gladly advise how many pages are appropriate for your booklet.

In case you have a deadline to meet - kindly book in advance so I can reserve the time for the project according to your schedule.


The print pre-production is a vital part of the design work, as so many things can go wrong in the printing process if not done professionally. This process requires taking multiple factors into account. Here are a few examples: 


> Accurate layout

Files need to be built at actual size and use bleed space to eliminate room for errors. If a file is not built correctly, the printing company will have to readjust files (and therefore might charge extra fees) to fit the correct specifications.

> Precise color

You can never trust the colors of a piece being designed on a computer as the actual colors that will turn out once printed.

It's important to know how to set colors for printing (CMYK process colors / RGB / Spot colors and more), otherwise the result will be dramatically different, and when printing in large amounts that can have devastating financial consequences.

> Fonts

If the printing company does not have a font used in the design, and it has not been embedded correctly in the files, the printer may simply choose to substitute the fonts, producing something that is not what you actually approved.

> Suitable image resolution

All images need to be large enough to fit within the assigned space, or it might result in a loss of quality.

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